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              The survey on the internationalization of the city of Shijiazhuang was held in 42
              Time:2017-12-7 19:16:23      Read:675      Translator:international office

              In the context of globalization, how should China innovate the strategic thinking of "urban internationalization"? How to locate the "international brand function and value" of a city?

              Shijiazhuang government attaches great importance to the promotion of the international level of the city, actively promotes the internationalization construction, and our school responds to the call of the municipal government to help the city to internationalize its development.

              On December 6, our school used the resources of foreign students and teachers in China to carry out the questionnaire survey and held a symposium on the internationalization of the city of Shijiazhuang.


              At the symposium, Zhang Chenggang, director of international office, held a discussion on the direction, objectives, thoughts and measures of promoting the internationalization of the city.


              Urban internationalization, Zhang said, is a city with cultural exchanges between the international process of interactive integration, to promote urban internationalization, we should notice to dig Shimen fragments of the history and culture, from "local culture" to raise international influence.

              Li Huijun, an international professor, believes that a truly international city is relying on the multi-cultural form to create an open and inclusive urban cultural environment. At the same time, we should pay more attention to promote the internationalization of "people", constantly improving the quality of the citizens, telling the story of the stone gate, and improving the soft power of urban development through "internationalization of education".


              Teacher Laura emphasizes the ability of comprehensive service and internationalized education, She said: "Our school provides international education, raises the global consciousness of the internationalization of students, and improves cross-cultural communication and cooperation ability."

              In recent years, HBIS studies with more an active attitude to promote the development of education internationalization and through the introduction of high quality education resources, hiring foreign experts, increase international elements in every corner of the campus, creating a cultural atmosphere of the world. Since 1999, 118 foreign teachers from the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Italy and China have taught in HBIS.

              The strategy of "studying abroad in China" proposes a new chapter for education in Shijiazhuang. In 2002, the title of "Hebei International School" was added, which expanded the scope and depth of international education to the outside world. Since 2004, with the use of international Chinese language training project, high school students from overseas learne Chinese and AFS international cultural exchange projects, implements the Thailand, Italy, the United States, France and so on. More than 50 countries around the world and more than 280 foreign students come to HBIS and achieved excellence in their development. Studying and living in Shijiazhuang, students from overseas have forged profound friendship with the people of Shijiazhuang, the friendly and civilized city. They are full of expectation for the construction of the international city of Shijiazhuang.

              "Think deeply, make a plan and then move forward." director Zhang Chenggang said, “our school will continue to explore the new mode of international education development, boost the international talent training, for the construction of Shijiazhuang into an open inclusive and diverse communion of international city.”

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