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              Develop creative talents, deepen education policy丨Our school attended the foreign language school 16th annual conference in Hebei
              Time:2017-12-2 11:23:17      Read:816      Translator:international office

              In order to reply to times’s calling and develop more qualified international talents, Language School 16th Annual Conference in Hebei was held in Baoding Normal college affiliated school on the first, December, 2017. And the topic for this conference is “ the reform of education mode of foreign language school in new era”. President Zhang, Director Zhang and teachers covering Yangying, Zhangjuan, Liuyan, all attended this conference from our shool.


              Shijiazhuang 42 Middle School was elected as vice-chairman school of nationwide foreign language school seminar. Director Zhang, as a spokesman of this school, delivered an opening speech. He demonstrated that all member schools take advantage of foreign languages and other merits to make a better progress and creation, making a great contribution to cultivating qualified international talents. He also advised that all the representatives put forward reasonable, advanced ideas around this topic, which would be exchanged and beneficial to our all foreign language schools. Therefore, we could make negotiations about the new creative way of education in our foreign language school. Yang Weikun -mayor of Baoding, Xing Sanduo-seminar secretary of nationwide foreign language, Yi Wenling-secretary general of nationwide junior high school special committee and leaders from Education Department all made important sayings.

              Zhang Zhonglian, Xia Guming LI Wenkai, made important reports respectively including “Create New Mode for Talents, Promote the Reform of Foreign Language School Courses” “International School-based Courses Construction” “How can Cambrige English help English teaching in public school”. At last, three professors and headmasters made speeches about unique teaching ways and scientific education mode.


              The members from English Cambrige University committee, academician from Illinois, the director of American international education fund, the dean from Peking University attached middle school Dalton institute, the headmaster- Wang Shuying from Baoding Normal College in Hebei, Ba Zhaocheng-the headmaster of Kenzhou Bilingual School, who made am important speech at this conference. They share the experience and new mode to promote a great reform in foreign language school.

              Peng Yujia, Yu Na, Liu Cun, on behalf of teacher, share their experience in English teaching and put forward suggestions on foreign language courses.

              The annual conference was successfully conducted, which means a milestone for exploring new education mode, new direction and development for the foreign language school. Therefore, the new concept put forward in this conference motivated our school to continue our own way based on foreign language teaching.

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