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              Teachers and Students from No. 42 Middle School Have Come to Renjiazhuang Primary School in Lingshou County to Offer Their Love Hand in Hand
              Time:2018-6-5 19:04:52      Read:659      Translator:42 middle school

              On June 5, under the leadership of Xiao Hairan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of No. 42 Middle School in Shijiazhuang City, and Mr. Yang Yu, some member of the Student Union and K-song club went to Renjiazhuang Primary School in Lingshou County of Shijiazhuang City for a year’s engagement, and once again they came to hold a hand-in-hand charity ceremony.

              Using the love fund raised by our school’s charity sale on May 31, the teachers and students of No. 42 Middle School brought the well-prepared stationery, books and daily necessities to the students here.


              After raising the flag, students from the two schools performed together, played together and painted together. Laughter reduced the school boundaries and shortened the age gap. Renjiazhuang elementary school students often clapped a crisp voice with their tender hands, and their clear eyes were filled with joy.

              Then, students from our school brought all the stationery gifts to the children here, at the moment of receiving the gift, they showed a knowing smile, which was full of the desire for knowledge and gratitude for the true feelings of society.

              In the course of communicating with children, the seeds of “overcoming difficulties, thriving, transferring love and returning to society” have taken root and sprouted in their hearts. Through the local anti-poverty working group, 42 middle school students also learned about local environmental protection and new rural construction. Good times were always so short, when parting, these big hands and small hands were inseparable, but ultimately also reluctant to part.

              Through this activity, students grow with sincere friendship and the sharing of the power of love. I hope that the friendship between the students of the two schools will last forever. I hope that the poverty alleviation work of the society will go up a new level. I hope that the countryside of our motherland will have a new look under the joint construction of all.

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