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              Scholarship direct recording program: the admissions officer of the University of New South Wales in Australia "points out the maze" for your study abroad program
              Time:2020-3-5 18:17:46      Read:459      Translator:Admin

              On March 29, Xu Xi, director of the Australian Department of the International Education Exchange Center of Hebei Provincial Department of education, was invited to our university to hold a project description meeting on the scholarship direct recording program of the University of New South Wales in Australia.

              Director Xu shared with the students all kinds of secret scripts of applying for famous universities in Australia, explained in detail the practical problems such as admission standards, precautions for applying for Australian universities, and how to deal with the problems encountered after studying in Australia, and solved the most concerned problems of students preparing to study in Australia.

              Advantages of studying in Australia

              1. There is a possibility of immigration in the future, and Australia has a large demand for immigrants

              2. Overseas students will have 2-4 years of unconditional work visa, and having overseas work experience will be very helpful to find a job in the future.

              3. It is possible to apply to the world-class top universities

              4. Australia has a good social security environment and great security.

              School introduction

              The University of New South Wales is located in Sydney, Australia's largest city. At present, there are more than 50000 students studying at the University of New South Wales. Its outstanding alumni include Paul Keyan, former Prime Minister of Australia, Douglas, President of Coca Cola, John Scott, President of BHP Billiton, etc.

              The University of New South Wales in Australia is one of the world's top research institutions and one of the "eight famous universities" of the alliance of famous universities in Australia, which is called UNSW for short. In the official ranking of the Australian government's my university, the University of New South Wales ranks second in Australia. Since 2014, UNSW's undergraduate and master's employment rate and starting salary level are the first in Australia.

              Advantages of NSW scholarship direct entry program

              1. The university organizes the English entrance examination; according to the test results, there is no need to provide IELTS and TOEFL scores to apply for the University and apply for visas.

              2. All applicants shall participate in the examination and the parent meeting, handle the formalities for going abroad and arrange the pick-up and accommodation after the visa is approved.

              3. At present, the project has been successfully implemented for 6 sessions, and more than 260 Hebei students have benefited from the project and entered the University of New South Wales for further study.

              Studying abroad is a process of constantly encountering problems, finding problems and solving problems. Director Xu said that he hoped that through this lecture, the students who want to go abroad can avoid detours and make their study abroad more smooth.

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