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              Condolence veterans show red feelings, respect and love the elderly, and convey social care
              Time2019-12-30 16:15:57      Read433      TranslatorAdmin

              On the morning of December 29, a volunteer service team composed of 22 members of the student union, led by Xiao Hailan, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of China No. 42 middle school, came to the Hebei provincial special care hospital with warmth and care, bringing the new year's blessing and youth enthusiasm to the elderly.



              "I'm old and I'm old.". Filial piety, as a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, should be inherited and carried forward by the youth in the new era. This kind of voluntary service activities will be carried out in the medium and long term to convey the social care of respecting and loving the old, to promote the harmonious positive energy, to learn the spirit of servicemen and to support and love the army. At the same time, through this way, we call on more students to join the ranks of volunteer service, and pass on warmth and care to more people.

              Activity thoughts

              I feel very proud and full to participate in this activity. While bringing happiness to the elderly, I have gained a lot myself. Gao has been promoted to Liu Shaobo.

              There is an old man 91 years old, the body bone is still very strong, once participated in the battle of crossing the river. When I kneel in front of him and chat with him, my heart is full of admiration. Zheng Tianming, class 11, senior

              Although the body is old, the God is still there. This is my first impression of these grandparents. Although the years make their faces wrinkled, their hair gray, and their back slowly bent, their eyes are always full of firmness, and they exude spirit from their bones. When I get along with them, I feel surrounded by positive energy all the time. Wang Bohao, class 9, senior one

              There are many old people in my family. I know how to get along with my grandparents. They need our company. Wang Xiaoyang from class 16, senior high school

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