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              My birthday in China this year
              Time:2019-11-26 16:25:03      Read:423      Translator:Admin

              On November 22, the Chinese traditional culture classroom in No. 42, Huacui garden, was decorated with colorful lights. There were delicious food, wonderful programs and best wishes. Five overseas students, including Zi Tong from Italy and Wang Xiaojing from Thailand, who had their birthday in November, spent their 16-year-old student day here happily.

              The group birthday party is hosted by Wang Xiaojing, a Thai student, and Zhong Yu, a Swedish student. Let's talk about the customs of birthdays in different countries. For birthdays in Sweden and Italy, people sing birthday songs and eat cakes; for Thai people, they go to the temple to make wishes in the morning and eat Thai food and cakes in the evening. Mr. Zhang Yanyan, for birthday in China, people in the North want to eat noodles, which means longevity. Some places in the South want to eat eggs. Now young people like to prepare birthday cakes. It is believed that although different countries have different birthday ways, they have the same aspiration for a better future.

              We all showed our ingenuity and prepared delicious birthday banquets: Thai food was prepared by Thai students such as Baochun and Wang Xiaojing, chocolate birthday cake was carefully prepared by students such as Sweden Zhongyu and Italy Zitong, sesame rice dumplings were made by Sakamoto Tsui and Nakazawa of Japan, and dumplings were made by two teachers, Li Huijun and Zhang Yanyan, together with overseas students.

              Finally, the collective birthday party became a national food tasting and cultural exchange meeting. Although students come from different countries and have different cultures, they love each other and enjoy each other.





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